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Insurance companies do not make it easier for injury victims to receive the compensation they deserve. Achieving maximum damages for your accident injuries depends upon retaining the representation of an experienced and aggressive attorney who will advocate on behalf of your rights every step of the way. The Law Offices of William C. Bibb have represented thousands of accident injury victims over the years, recovering millions of dollars in damages. I am especially proud of the fact that I provide my clients with the medical and financial resources necessary to heal from their injuries and get back to their lives.

Not only have I worked with some of the largest plaintiff law firms in California, but I am privileged to network with many of the finest experts in their fields, from specializing child attorneys to mechanical engineers to medical pathologists. All of these factors come into play in the cases I represent, giving me the opportunity to provide my clients with the best legal representation possible.

Some of my Representative Cases include:

  • Defective medical device case over Depuy ASR hip replacement
  • Product liability case over hydrogen embrittlement
  • Auto defect case over failed airbag deployment
  • Wrongful death case over SWAT team shooting of unarmed man
  • Elder abuse case over bed sores
  • Product liability case over exploding ink canister
  • Motorcycle accident liability case involving brachial plexus injury
  • Motorcycle accident liability case involving multiple fractures
  • Birth injury case over cerebral palsy
  • Workplace injury case involving severe burns
  • Automobile accident case involving auto defects and severe burns
  • Medical malpractice case over failed diagnosis
  • Wrongful death case involving twin babies
  • Product liability case over defective ink canister
  • Construction site accident case over scaffolding failure
  • Construction site accident case involving third-party contractor
  • Bicycle accident liability case involving two plaintiffs
  • Medical malpractice case over failed endoscopic sinus surgery
  • Workplace injury case over oil pipeline explosion
  • Personal injury case over airplane crash
  • Birth injury case over anti-seizure medication given during pregnancy
  • Workplace injury case over failed medical referral
  • Motorcycle accident liability case
  • Automobile accident liability case
  • Automobile accident wrongful death case involving young child
  • Automobile accident wrongful death case involving two people
  • Automobile accident wrongful death case over dangerous road design
  • Personal injury case involving multiple gunshot wounds
  • Wrongful death case over police negligence
  • Insurance bad faith case over false accusations
  • Medical malpractice case over chiropractic injuries
  • Wrongful death case over tobacco use
  • Automobile accident liability case involving massive head trauma
  • Jones Act workplace injury case
  • Dog bite liability case involving children
  • Legal Malpractice case over investment advice
  • Elder abuse case over lack of medical assessment and supervision
  • Personal injury case over cherry bomb on school property
  • Hundreds of Workers Compensation cases involving firefighters
  • Burns, explosions, airplane crashes, office-involved shootings, in-custody hangings
  • The list goes on…

Fighting for your Rights every Step of the Way

We here at the Law Offices of William C. Bibb are committed to serving as the legal representative and advocate for our clients. I work tirelessly on behalf of my clients' health, safety, and well-being. Having experienced legal counsel and competent representation is an important part of the recovery and rehabilitation process. Oftentimes, it is only through pursuing personal-injury tort claims that accident victims gain access to the medical treatment and life care services they need. Law schools do not teach accident investigation or failure analysis. They really cannot teach trial advocacy except in moot court or a one-semester course. Experience is the only teacher.

Do not hesitate to call my office today. Your initial consultation is free of charge, and you will not be billed unless or until you recover damages in your case.

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I have the extensive professional experience necessary to provide my clients with compassionate and aggressive legal representation. Providing for my clients’ health, safety, and well-being is my top priority, and I am proud to say that I have won injury accident victims millions of dollars in compensation.

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