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We here at the Law Offices of William C. Bibb have represented plaintiffs in numerous mass tort cases over the years. Mass tort cases account for situations where large corporations are held liable for damages to a significant number of plaintiffs. The plaintiffs in a mass tort case may be consumers or businesses, and can range from one dozen to thousands of injury victims. The plaintiffs in many mass tort actions seek compensation for personal injuries and/or property damage resulting from: defective medical devices, defective drugs, employment discrimination, investor fraud, environmental pollution… The list goes on.

Mass Tort Law Explained

Unlike in a class-action lawsuit, each plaintiff in a mass tort case is treated as an individual with his or her own independent lawsuit. A mass tort case is a multi-plaintiff action, where individual suits are consolidated for the purpose of efficiency and economy. Conducting the mass tort action allows for the discovery of millions of pages of documents, and the sharing of expert witnesses among all plaintiff counsels, another important component of mass tort actions is that plaintiffs' attorneys from all across the nation can collaborate and share the duties of researching, compiling, and analyzing a huge amount of information.

As an experienced mass tort law attorney, I have handled cases involving everything from asbestos exposure to tobacco litigation to cruise ship disasters.

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